Monday, March 22, 2010

Plains for a colony?

Duke Kristjan: I wish to become a global entity.

Fredrick Kessal: Well my lord I hear wonderful things about India.

Duke Kristjan: India you say?

Fredrick Kessal: Yes, but we will need men, supplies and ships.

Duke Kristjan: YOU have command one infantry regiment, which you must raise, and 2 galleons, when you get to India you will be the colony's Governor.

Fredrick Kessal: I will not let you down.

Duke Kristjan: Be careful, and once you have sent word my sister will join you along with the families of the men.


  1. Great minds think alike -Witttenberg also casted lustful eyes on India. But there you may well meet some rather dreadful opposition.

  2. Ah yes, isn't that the place where the Britischerwurst ran into a kingdom called My Sore?

  3. :) indeed!
    I read they are sending a column into Indostan -or is it Belchistan or Pukistan?

  4. I don't know where you live or if the offer is still valid, but apparently in the UK there is or was a deal to get a very useful book on the SYW in India.

    Look at . . . . . . the March 13 post.

    I look forward to reading about this adventure.

    -- Jeff

  5. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein is pleased to invest Duke Kristjan the II into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard and will extend diplomatic relations as desired...

  6. Excellent Duke Wilhelm we welcome a friendship with Beerstein.

  7. The 'new' Flag of Indur will provide a nice and handy 'jack' at sea - I just posted a (boring, probably) comment about jacks and national flags.

    Best wishes to the young Duke and the Duchy!