Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Duchy is not gone!

Just a reminder that the Duchy of Indur is not gone. We are in fact still very strong and our borders are stable, our travels in the Middle East are soon coming to an end and we welcome the challenge of the battlefield in the coming spring.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Order of the Lion

The Order of the Lion is being given to all the friends (Blog Followers) of Indur and all are invited to Krajak Palace.

A War In The Colony

With the construction of a fortress along the coast and the establishment of a small town for the families of the soldiers we have begun to see the affects of a brutal tribal war. The Ahkise have been brutalized by the larger Bubutu tribe, and I see that siding with the Ahkise will help us break or even eliminate the Bubutu while allowing use to control the entire region. As governor of the colony I will act in its best interest.
Fredrick Kessal

Monday, May 24, 2010


Some would call it a disaster but after some mucking about in the Middle East and being blown off course our ships have made land fall on the "Dark Continent." How will this affect the Duchy? We will see. ( Been busy here in Iraq)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Indur's newest frigate the HLS Duke Bryon is the a step forward for the Duchy's navy. The Duchy plans to put 10 of these ship to sea by the end of summer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Plains for a colony?

Duke Kristjan: I wish to become a global entity.

Fredrick Kessal: Well my lord I hear wonderful things about India.

Duke Kristjan: India you say?

Fredrick Kessal: Yes, but we will need men, supplies and ships.

Duke Kristjan: YOU have command one infantry regiment, which you must raise, and 2 galleons, when you get to India you will be the colony's Governor.

Fredrick Kessal: I will not let you down.

Duke Kristjan: Be careful, and once you have sent word my sister will join you along with the families of the men.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A formal ball at Krajak Palace

Duke Kristjan the II extends an invitation to all who wish to join in the festivities at Krajak Palace.

The new flag of the Duchy of Indur

A new Duke!

On the balcony of the palace in Krajak young Kristjan the II is about to speek to the mass of people gathered in Fountain Square

"It is with a heavy heart on this day of mourning, that I take my fathers place as duke."

"As my first act as Duke I am changing the Duchy's flag to my own personal banner"

"The old Wolf of Indur will become the flag of the 1st Guard Hussars"

Cheers ring out at the unfurling of the new flag.

"I also would like to let it be known that my fathers death was no accident, and I will see those responsible are dealt with swiftly!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Infantry Regiments

1st Guard Grenadiers The Duke's Own

1st Guard Grenadiers The Duke's Own is located in the capital city of Krajak.


Tragedy has befallen The Duchy of Indur. During a hunt Duke Bryon the I was thrown from his horse and died from his injuries. His son Kristjan the II has been called back to the royal palace to be with his mother and to mourn his fathers passing. He has given command of the Duchess' own to his second in command Hans Middlein. In the year of our lord 1756 March

2nd Guard Grenadiers The Duchess' Own

2nd Guard Grenadiers The Duchess' Own are charged with the defense of Indur's southern border along with the 7th and 8th Infantry Regiments and the 1st Dragoon Regiment

Die Großartige Armee von Indur

The Die Großartige Armee von Indur consist of 2 Guard Grenadier regiments, 8 Infantry regiments, 2 Dragoon regiments 1 Guard Hussar regiment and 1 Lancer regiment.
1st Guard Grenadiers The Duke's Own has 100 men
2nd Guard Grenadiers The Duchess' Own has 100 men
1st-8th Infantry Regiments each have 100 men
1st and 2nd Dragoons have 50 men
1st Guard Hussars have 50 men
1st Cuirassiers have 50 men

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Duke Bryon the I

In 1709 the first census was taken by the Minister of State. Here are the census numbers from 1709 to 1756. 1% of the nations population serves in the Die Großartige Armee von Indur at all times.
1709 - 70,840----1717 - 77,933----1725 - 84,720---1733 - 93,203
1710 - 71,690----1718 - 78,868----1726 - 85,736----1734 - 94,321
1711 - 72,550----1719 - 79,814----1727 - 86,765----1735 - 95,453
1712 - 73,420----1720 - 80,772----1728 - 87,806----1736 - 96,598
1713 - 74,302----1721 - 81,741----1729 - 88,860----1737 - 97,758
1714 - 75,193----1722 - 82,722----1730 - 89,926----1738 - 98,931
1715 - 76,095----1723 - 83,715----1731 - 91,005----1739 - 100,118
1716 - 77,009----1724 - 84,720----1732 - 92,097----1740 - 101,319
1741 - 102,535----
1747 - 110,143---1753 - 118,315
1742 - 103,765----1748 - 111,464----1754 - 119,734
1743 - 105,011----1749 - 112,802----1755 - 121,171
1744 - 106,271----1750 - 114,156----1756 - 122,625
1745 - 107,546----1751 - 115,525----
1746 - 108,837----1752 - 116,912----

A Brief History

A brief history of the Duchy of Indur.
1709: The Duchy is founded along the Baltic coast of Europe by Kristjan the I of the House Krajak.
1720: The Duchy aids King Frederick IV of Denmark in the Great Northern War.
1721: Duke Kristjan the I is assassinated by a unknown party.
1721: At age 17 Bryon the I takes the title of duke. During this time his mother negotiates the Duchy's protection with King Frederick IV of Denmark. The protection is to last until her son turns 20 years of age.
1724: Bryon the I turns 20 and begins his reign as Duke of Indur.

The Flag of Indur