Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Im Back.

Between having a kid and a full course load at school I have neglected my blogs. To make matters worst I have misplaced my Eross Cadets figures and I am on the hunt for them, but I have ordered some 28mm Dutch from Eureka Minis to make line infantry unit and my Indurian East India Expedition, that will be used between both blogs. Hopefully I will find my miniatures soon so I can get some pictures up.

New Units.
Ost-Indien Expedition Indurian.
 The expidition's infantry will be model with Indus Minitures early sepoys and Eureka Minis Dutch Officer and NCO. 
The Survey team will be modeled with Eureka Minis Dutch cavalry Officer and NCO.


  1. Welcome back on-line!
    The Indurian East India Expedition is so promising (btw, as far as I remember the initial expedition was beached on some African shore?).