Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Meeting of Old Friends.

After six months at sea the frigate carrying the Indurian envoy to meet Prince Ramesha Singh of the Wadda Raj.
The ship's captain upon entering the cabin room of Major Carl Reinhardt.
"Sir, the Prince's envoy has arrived and is waiting for you on the docks."
Major Reinhardt looking over some letters and a map.
"Is the rest of the expedition ready?"
"Yes sir and they are assembled on the docks." answered the captain as he stepped out of the major's cabin.
Major Reinhardt had been assigned to lead a surveying expedition to India by the Arch Duke. As he descended the boarding plank  he was met by a familiar face.
"Welcome old friend, So good to see you!" shouted the man as he dismounted his horse.
Major Reinhardt a broad smile crossing his face. "Heinrich my old friend it seems time and this environment have been good to you." The two men embrace like brother.
"Now Carl to get down to buisness. If you are ready let use depart for the palace. Your men will be housed here at the in the small fort across the harbor." 
With that the two men mounted their horses and along with four native horsemen began traveling down a dusty packed earth road towards the unseen palace of Prince Ramesha Singh. 
"So what is the Prince like? Has he been receptive of the Arch Duke's offers?" Asked Major Reinhardt as he adjusted his collar due to the heat. "He seems pleased with all that the Arch Duke has offered. He is allowing the recruitment of local sepoys but under the condition that I or himself do the recruiting. You and your men have control of the harbor fort and the Prince has made arrangements for the supplies you need."
"So for the recruits we can look forward to criminals and beggers." Major Reinhardt said with a smirk.
"Would you not do the same if the roles were reversed?" Heinrich retorted.
"I see you still wear you rank and uniform from when you where in the Guards." asked Major Reinhardt. "I left the service of the Arch Duke under good terms and being a Major helps me get jobs."
Major Reinhardt while swatting at a fly. "I remember that day, we had won the on the field of battle but you lost so much. I remember entering your mannor after driving off the enemy and finding you wife and young son's bodies. I remember the pain on you face, you lost everything that day." Heinrich with a barely noticeable crack in his voice responded. "That was nearly ten years ago, I had moved on but seeing you reminded me of you sister. I want you to know I loved your sister and still carry a flame in my heart for her but I also want you to introduce you to my new wife when we reach the palace

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