Monday, June 27, 2011

The restructuring of Die Großartige Armee von Indur has begun.

The Duke has penned the new organization of Die Großartige Armee von Indur and will be organized as such: (1st and 2nd Dragoons are now the 2rd and 3th Cuirassiers)

The Army of Guards under the command of FM Fredrick Kessal (recently returned from Africa)

1st Guard Hussars

1st Guard Grenadiers The Duke's Own

2nd Guard Grenadiers The Duchess' Own

1st Guard Field Battery

North Eastern Border Army under the command of Field Colonel Otto Ritter

1st Cuirassiers

1st Infantry Regiment

2nd Infantry Regiment

3rd Infantry Regiment

1st Field Battery

Southern Border Army under command of Field Colonel Constantine Rothberg

2nd Cuirassiers

4th Infantry Regiment

5th Infantry Regiment

6th Infantry Regiment

2nd Field Battery

Reserve Army under the command of Field Colonel Roth Varder

3rd Cuirassiers

7th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment

3rd Field Battery


  1. So promising!

    Are the 'Sandras' included in the list?

  2. Yes I am planing to update this post once I have finished the commanders of each each regiments bios.