Saturday, June 25, 2011

Die Großartige Armee von Indur

Die Großartige Armee von Indur has announced today that it chose the wonderful designs of Eureka Miniatures for its soldiers and that it is looking at the prospect of raising a regiment completely formed by women ( I love the models and even have one of the commander of the regular infantry regiments as a woman but that story will be told at a later time.) now we just wait for our shipment.

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  1. An excellent choice / initiative! The Eureka 'Sandras' are lovely and insufficiently known and seen. Hope you'll contribute to their popularity and to the 'reactivation' of the range ('on hold' for how many years?) by Eureka.

    This range introduced navel wargaming, so popular among fantasy gamers, to the Horse & Musket period: do you intend to give a special rank (corporal? sergeant?) to the corresponding minis?